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Friday, August 31, 2012

EEK - Halloween is only two months away!

Halloween is only two months away!
Tonight here in Northern California there is a wonderful cool breeze and the sounds of the first Friday night high school football game of the season fill the air – judging by the music coming from the marching band, those kids must have had a wonderful summer off.
The changing temperature and start of football season are just two more reminders that it is time to start thinking about and preparing for Halloween!
The first signs announcing the various seasonal Halloween shops are already sprouting up around town. These are the days to start fleshing out possible costumes ideas and developing themes for your Halloween home decor.
The Vampires and Zombies are coming

In an uncertain world, few things can be forecast with much confidence…except for this: prepare for a full scale infestation of Vampires and Zombies this Halloween!
No question about it, the undead will be walking the earth in mass this Halloween season. It is time to stock up on crucifixes and practice your shot placement -- while there still might be time!; because, while your are reading this, creative teens and tweens will be cleverly brainstorming ideas on how to overthrow us mere mortals during our upcoming Halloween festivities.
We Need a Hero

So we will need more than mortals to combat the undead assault. Thank goodness Hollywood has forced fed us a steady diet of comic book hero themed movies that will assure us that there will be legions of superheroes to help us ward off the undead menace.
Ok, We Need some Villains too

Then again, some tortured souls will be drawn to the arch-villain side of the comic book ledger and there is always the possibility of Vampire and Zombie superheroes…so who knows what the ultimate outcome will be?

Stumping for Votes

Speaking of undecided outcomes, it is impossible to not to notice that this is an election year.  As such, we are likely to see quite a few politicians hitting the Halloween circuit this fall.

They will be busy making their last-minute efforts to round-up a few key swing votes amongst the undead and the superhero power elite.
What is Happing Now

For many of us, nothing beats a good topical costume. Our limited gray matter here at Halloween Fun for All always fires up its creative engines when we notice famous people behaving strangely.
For example: how about incorporating Prince Harry and the iconic Las Vegas Strip Sign for a costume? In most storybook tales, every prince needs a princess, so why have Harry be accompanied by a very unimpressed McKayla Maroney – who knows maybe will get her to smile; after all, at least his hair is golden.

 Endless Possibilities

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. We know someone who turned himself into a working vending machine last Halloween, so that should give you some idea on how far you can go.
Stretching your Halloween Dollars
Most of us are on pretty tight budgets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative solutions to maximize your limited discretionary boo dollars.
In times of plenty or in times of hardship, you can have fun scouring through your home, hunting garage sales, visiting thrift stores, rummaging through rummage sales, jumping all over flea markets, and tirelessly searching the web to find something to make your costumes or decorate your spooky abode this Halloween.
A Call for Action!
No matter how you plan to prepare for the Halloween season, realize that the acorns are falling and days are getting noticeably shorter - now is the time to take action - to ensure a stress free Halloween!


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