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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tips on how to get in the Halloween Mood

By John Morgan

Halloween is on its Way

Welcome to September! If you love autumn and especially Halloween, then this is the time of year when you really start building excitement, as the days grow shorter and the nights get cooler.

To help you generate enthusiasm as Halloween pulls us all into its gravitational field, we thought you might enjoy these tips to help you get into a Halloween mood:

1. Go Spelunking!

What is more eerie than going underground or reading the word "spelunking" for that matter?

  Your senses will thank you for the change of scenery. There is stillness in a cave unlike anywhere else.

Amazing and somewhat alien structures will captivate your eyes. As you grow accustom to your adventure beneath the surface you will notice new earthy and mineral smells.

If you do not have any caves in your area, you might want visit a local mine or take an underground city tour.


                  2. Visit an Old Graveyard

Is there anything spookier than wandering through an old cemetery?

As you carefully and respectively make your way through the cemetery, clues will begin to unfold. Family stories begin to reveal themselves.

Echoes of love ones eternally united, valiant heroes honored, and untimely tragedies can be heard as you walk back through time.


3. Go Bird or Bat Watching

Halloween is filled with bird and bat images and lore. Seek out viewing areas where turkey vultures, crows, ravens, owls, as well as bats, are likely to be observed.

After all, it is virtually impossible not to get in the Halloween spirit when you sight a “murder of crows” or an “unkindness of ravens.”

And did you know that Bats make up twenty percent of the planets classified mammal species? So it is likely that you have some flying near you!

Even if you fail to spot one these fascinating winged Halloween icons, we bet that you will still be happy for spending some quality time out of doors.


4. Build a Bat House

We have all seen the news about the viruses that mosquitoes can transmit. Did you know that more people have died from mosquito carried diseases than all the wars in history combined?

What better or more environmentally friendly way to combat this threat than by encouraging the greatest mosquito eradicator of all time – the bat - to do their leathery winged thing by building them their own bat house.

5. Take a trip to pick your own apples and nuts

These are two of the oldest symbols associated with Halloween. Harvest time is one of the most important events for any culture.

You owe to yourself to go out, roll up your sleeves, and track down and subdue your own fruits and seeds.

Plus, unlike most ventures, you will be in complete control of quality - if you do not like it, do not pick it. There is always another orchard just on down the road.


6. Visit a Haunted Place

Every region has someplace that is considered haunted.

All manner of structures and locations have accounts of strange things materializing and interacting with us mere mortals.

 Whether you are a paranormal investigator or a firm skeptic, you will surely be entertained – perhaps even a bit frightened – as you explore around the edges of darkness and understanding.

7. Watch a Movie, Listen to Music or Read a Book

Each of us has their own unique tastes in this category…so we will not even try to give recommendations on how to scratch your unique Halloween media selection itch.

  However, if you do not find any movies, music, or reading options that appeal to you...why not flip the topic over and write and film your own short movie, compose your own music, or write your own Halloween story?

This can all be done for your own entertainment; no critic ever need see or hear what you produce unless you want them too.

8. Paint, Draw or Craft a Halloween    Themed Work

Let your imagination run wild! We hear some of you already saying, “but I am just not creative.”  To that we say, "so what!"

Give it a try anyway, you might discover a hidden talent. It does not matter if you are creatively challenged or you are the next Grandma Moses, the goal here is to have fun and to get you in the Halloween mood.


9. Go shopping!

We get it, there is probably nothing scarier than looking at your finances, especially when your discretionary boo bucks have vanished quicker than the Invisible Man and your household budget is stretched beyond even Elastigirl’s breaking point!

However, "there is shopping and then there is spending." Sometimes just wandering through the various stores fall collections, smelling the pumpking spice candles, or scanning the costumes is enough to get us in the Halloween frame of mind. 

 It can also be fun to visit a thrift stores to create your own costume or take a trip to a farmer’s market to immerse yourself in the tastes, sights and smells of the season.

10. Surf the Web

 Hey, you found us all right - so you already know that there is a growing community online who share your passion for Halloween.

There are virtually limitless resources on the web to help you explore what fascinates you the most about this special time of year - and we thank you for allowing us to be one of them!

The ways to enjoy and foster the spirit of Halloween is as varied and dynamic as the people celebrating it.

 As such, we welcome your recommendations on how you get into the Halloween mood. You are encouraged to drop by anytime and we look forward to posting more fun activities and recommendations on how to make Halloween Fun for All.


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