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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bats Incredible

By John Morgan
Halloween Symbol


For many people, bats are perhaps one of the most bizarre creatures in the animal kingdom.

Bats are the only true flying mammal -- sorry Bullwinkle, your friend Rocky merely glides.

Keeping you in the Dark

They live in shadows and darkness, which evokes strong emotions. Bats roost in hollows, crevices, and caves, as well in other fearful locations people tend to avoid: attics, abandon homes, and speaker’s podiums.

Nature's Bug Sapper!

Emerging at dusk to feed (mainly on insects – go get them bats!). Many species locate their prey using echolocation (using sound to produce echoes off its food source). Their echolocation adaptation has also developed some rather unusual facial structures and curvatures that just add to the bats otherworldly appearance.

Now We See the Light

It is generally believed, that bats became associated with Halloween through their frequent visits to the large bonfires built during the Celts annual Samhain festivals. We have all heard the expression, “like moths to a flame.” Well, we could easily develop that logic chain further by saying, “like bats to a moth.”

There at First Call

Since bats were there during the genesis of the customs and rituals that ultimately led to Halloween, they have become one of the holiday's most powerful symbols. Bats appear to be forever linked to the uniqueness of the season, as they fly through space and time alongside their two-legged -- costume adorning -- mammalian cousins.


  1. I have been reading your blog this morning and I'm on my second cup of coffee! Loving all this history and folklore. I knew I'd find a post on bats.......I do love them and luckily we have them as tenants! I hope you saw the posts on my blog about our little creatures. Fall is upon us and they are already leaving to hibernate in the local caves. Fall is also the time the tarantulas get on the move. I hope to get some photos for a "spidery post". Thanks for stopping by my blog, someday I plan to make a witch or two!

  2. Sherri, thanks for dropping by! You have a wonderful post on your site filled with great information on bats along with some truly incredible bat photographs.

    They are fascinating creatures. We have several that fly around our home each evening and we love watching them pick off insects as they dart inches above the pool.

    In fact, we are even planning to visit Old Town Sacramento this weekend to watch the bats leave their roost inside the brick parking garage.

    We look forward to seeing one of your witch dolls or maybe even a doll bat?

  3. **giggles** a speaker's podium xD
    I've always had a thing for bats. So mysterious and misunderstood, much like myself.

    1. Thanks for catching the speaker's podium pun, I just wanted to see if anyone was actually reading my posts.

      Bats are incredible creatures. You are right that they are very mysterious and misunderstood. The truly help to control the insect population in check.

      They are fascinating to watch. Just a couple blocks from the California State Capitol Building there are hundreds of bats that leave their roost from a brick parking garage. It's quite a remarkable sight to see them flying off into the dusk sky.