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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ravens & Crows - You can quote me on that!

By John Morgan
Halloween Symbols


Let’s face it, when literature refers to your kind as a “murder of crows” or as an “unkindness of ravens” you might have an image problem.

Public Relations Nightmare

It probably will not help your public relations experts conjure up a positive PR campaign if they keep finding you eating carrion, as well as each other; unless, of course, you are planning on filming: “Ravens & Crows – The original Zombie Apocalypse!”

On the plus side you are both: highly intelligent (especially given your limited bird brains), frequently engage in play, collaborate when needed, and you have good socializing skills (ravens, this is an area that needs work…the crows are kicking your tail feathers in this category).

Need to Work on Your Image

So what’s the problem? Oh yeah, you eat each other! It also does not help that you are always hanging out in the wrong places with the wrong crowds. Honestly, would it hurt you to stop being the first ones on the battlefield once in a while?

Just Say No...Crow

And for heaven’s sakes, learn to say “no” when the witches and warlocks ask you to help them with a special project or potion.

Peacocking it

Just look at yourselves, you are always dressed in black…liven things up a bit – take a risk – peacock it up a little.

Develop some Stretch Goals

I mean really, what have you done in the last couple thousand years in the areas of personal development and growth? That’s right, I am talking to you ravens; the Celts linked you to war and death and you have been mired in it ever since.

Crows, did I say something that amuses you? Wipe those smiles off your beaks, because the ancient Romans used you guys for divination practices so neither of you are without a creepy flight path through history.

Wash your Beaks out with Soap!

And since we are talking about self-improvement, your “cawing” has got to go! Now we are even getting reports from the field that you have been mimicking human voices again. That has to stop immediately – it freaks everyone out!

Ask yourself, "Am I willing to Change?"

Look we have all heard the phrase, “the only constant in life is change,” but frankly I am just not seeing it with either of you.

Hey, if you are happy being Halloween icons then do not change a thing. I have said all I want to say to you two Corvids, except that if you happen to see any rats and bats on your way out, tell them I need to see them regarding similar concerns.

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