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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pet Costumes - Americans spend $370 Million Annually

Halloween News

Proof that Americans are Nuts!

"Sorry Russell, the Only Jack
We Want Around Here is on Our O-Lanterns!"

Admiral Cutie
According to a recent CNN survey, Americans are expected to spend $370 million this Halloween season on costumes for their pets! That is an increase of over $40 million over last year.

Well, that is to be expected since we are living in such robust economic times - what better use is there for spending our excess discretionary boo bucks than on pet costumes?

In general, we here at Halloween Fun for All don’t give a Shih Tzu how you spend your hard-earned greenbacks! However, if Reality TV has taught us anything, it’s this: “All issues and problems with people and their pets originate in the gray matter – no matter how limited - found between the ears of the primate in that relationship.”

If you have ever watched an episode of “The Dog Whisperer” or “My Cat from Hell,” you will quickly discover that nearly all animal behavioral problems originate with the pet owner or guardian not treating the animal like an animal. In short, the two shows' basic principle is this:


Cats are cats and dogs are dogs - isn’t that wonderment enough? Animals are great companions. It is impossible not to marvel at the parallel and mutually beneficial relationship that humans and especially cats, dogs and horses have developed and maintained through the passing ages.

Here at Halloween Fun for All headquarters, we love animals. We have two cats, one dog, two rats, one hamster, one turtle, one bearded dragon (lizard), one tarantula, and two black widow spiders! In the spirit of full disclosure, we have adorned our dogs and cats - even the bearded dragon - in various costumes.

Is it the right and responsible thing to do? Certainly not, we can recognize that it is not beneficial to the animal. We cannot hide our bizarre compulsion behind the “Dolphin Show Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Tarot Card” disclaimer of "the tricks you are about to see here today are natural behaviors that can be observed in the wild." We have yet to read about packs of wolves donning “Princess Leia” outfits before the hunt nor have we received reports of bearded dragons dressing like Elvis in the Australian Outback – until now!

So we are left with the conclusion that Americans are nuts!


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    1. Great recommendation Rubby! There certainly are some creative Halloween enthusiasts who are able to carve amazing Jack-O-Lanterns - essentially sculptures from squash.

      You have an inspiring blog. We appreciate your love of reading, as it truly is the gateway to understanding the world we all share. It's fantastic that you enjoy a variety of writing styles and subjects, our hope is that unbounded curiosity and interest stays with you throughout your life's journey. We thank you for spending part of that trek with us here at Halloween Fun for All.